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Florence With Car

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If you decide to come to Florence by car, or rent a car to move out of Florence, the following information may prove very useful.

Given it’s historic nature, the city center is clearly not designed for modern traffic’s needs and vehicles. The area of greatest tourist interest coincides with the ZTL (“Zona a Traffico Limitato” or Limited Traffic Zone), a restricted traffic area controlled by a network of video cameras. Since Florence’s historic center is a UNESCO Heritage Site, it makes sense to protect it in this way and limit the amount of traffic in the historical center.

What does this mean in practice? You need a special ZTL permit to drive in the historical center. You likely WON’T have one, even with a car rental!

If you’re staying in the center, you DON’T NEED a car to move around, it is small enough to move around completely by foot or, at the most, on the small electric buses run by ATAF that cross the center.

The Bed and Breakfast is in via Sant’Antonino 34, you can arrive close to the Bed and Breakfast just following the instruction to arrive at the Mercato Centrale (from via Nazionale), but if you need a place where you can park your car, there is the number of one parking very close to the Bed and Breakfast: Garage Giglio (Via del Giglio, 24): +39055216152 open until late night! If you need a reservation let me know, I’ll be glad to make the reservation for your car.